First experience with an electronic bidet. Very impressed with this. Plenty of power. No leaks. Holds enough water for a good cleaning.

New clean experience, the portable bidet, clean your baby quickly and effortlessly
Quick & easy to clean. The portable baby washer is perfect for use at home or whilst travelling

Baby Travel Bidet | Portable Electric Washer For Baby | Baby Wash

Original price was: €119.Current price is: €99.


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Widely used for baby washing, cleaning the buttocks when changing diapers and much much more.
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Original price was: €119.Current price is: €99.

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Remove the cover and fill it with water, press the power button to start working according to your needs. The compact design and size make it easily fits into any backpack, briefcase, purse, tote bag or glove box when not in use.


Consisting of high-quality silicone + ABS material , non-toxic and harmless, prism-shaped anti-skid design make you feel more comfortable when using


Full 180 degree adjustment nozzle which can rush all the corners easily. Two water flow levels, you can adjust water between gentle flow and powerful spray.



Built-in rechargeable 1000mA battery, which can lasts for nearly a month or x100 cycles of use when fully charged. With USB charging line, suitable for all kinds of mobile power adapter, or directly connected to the computer USB interface, convenient



The toilet trash can pulls apart into x2 easy sections which allows for easy cleaning for sanitary purposes.
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About The Portable Bidet | Travel Bidet | Bidet For Travel

Is this item loud? I’m worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it discreetly in a public bathroom.

The personal bidet motor does make a small noise but it is a very soft whooshing sound. The noise that is more obvious is the splash of water on your body and the fall of water into the toilet.

How many ml can it hold up to, for the water reservoir?


How to connect the two parts

It is very easy to snap them together

What if it falls in water?

The unit is waterproof. Simply wipe dry

Is the power button hard to push on and off for an elderly person?

The button is easy to push.

Is it leak proof? Id like to have it in my purse when out shopping.

The bidet is not designed to be stored with water inside. You only put the water inside once you are ready to use it. So to answer your question, you don’t need to worry about being leak proof because you don’t store water inside the bidet while it is not in used.

Can you use both warm and cold water in the container?

You fill up the water to the temperature to your liking

What defines a Baby Travel Bidet?
A Baby Travel Bidet is a compact and portable device designed to offer gentle and hygienic cleansing for babies, especially during travel or on-the-go situations.
How does a Baby Travel Bidet ensure gentle cleaning for delicate baby skin?
It features adjustable water pressure and specially designed nozzles to provide a gentle and controlled flow of water for cleaning.
Are Baby Travel Bidets user-friendly and easy to operate for parents?
Yes, they often come with straightforward controls and ergonomic designs for ease of use.
Can a Baby Travel Bidet be recharged or used without access to power outlets?
Many models are battery-operated or rechargeable, offering convenience even without power outlets.
How does a Baby Travel Bidet promote eco-friendly practices for baby care?
It reduces the reliance on disposable wipes, contributing to a more eco-conscious approach to baby hygiene.
What distinguishes a Portable Electric Washer for Baby from traditional methods of cleansing?
It offers a portable and efficient method of cleaning babies using electrically powered water jets, ensuring thorough cleansing without excessive manual effort.
Are Portable Electric Washers for Baby designed with adjustable temperature settings for comfort?
Many models come with adjustable temperature settings to ensure the water is at a comfortable temperature for the baby’s skin.
How does a Portable Electric Washer for Baby enhance convenience for parents?
It simplifies the process of cleaning babies by providing a more efficient and controlled method compared to traditional cleansing.
Can a Portable Electric Washer for Baby be used for other purposes beyond baby care?
Some models offer versatility and can be used for personal hygiene by adults or for cleaning various items.
Are Portable Electric Washers for Baby designed to be lightweight and easy to carry during travel?
Yes, they are crafted to be compact and lightweight, facilitating easy portability during travel or outings.
What characterizes Baby Wash as a cleaning product?
Baby Wash is a mild and gentle cleansing solution formulated specifically for the delicate skin of babies, ensuring thorough yet gentle cleaning.
How does Baby Wash cater to babies with sensitive skin or allergies?
It is often hypoallergenic and free from harsh chemicals, minimizing the risk of skin irritation for sensitive little ones.
Can Baby Wash be used for both body and hair during baby bath time?
Yes, many formulations are designed to be mild enough for both body and hair cleansing, streamlining bath time routines.
How does Baby Wash contribute to maintaining the natural moisture of a baby's skin?
It is formulated with moisturizing ingredients to help retain the natural moisture balance of a baby’s skin.
Are Baby Wash products free from substances harmful to babies, such as parabens or sulfates?
Yes, most Baby Wash products are formulated without harsh chemicals like parabens or sulfates, prioritizing the safety of baby’s skin.
Can a Baby Travel Bidet be used for infants of various ages, including newborns?
Yes, it is designed to be gentle enough for newborns and adaptable for babies of different ages.
How does a Baby Travel Bidet contribute to maintaining proper hygiene while traveling?
It offers a convenient and hygienic solution for cleansing when access to traditional bathing facilities is limited.
Are Baby Travel Bidets designed to be compact and fit easily into diaper bags or luggage?
Absolutely, their compact design makes them travel-friendly, fitting into diaper bags or carry-on luggage effortlessly.
Can a Baby Travel Bidet be used in conjunction with diaper changing routines?
Yes, it complements diaper changes by providing a quick and effective cleaning solution.
How does a Baby Travel Bidet contribute to reducing skin irritations caused by prolonged exposure to wet wipes?
It minimizes the use of wipes, reducing potential skin irritations from friction or chemical residues found in disposable wipes.
Are Portable Electric Washers for Baby designed to be intuitive and easy to clean after use?
Yes, many models have detachable or easy-to-clean parts for hassle-free maintenance.
How does a Portable Electric Washer for Baby cater to parents who prioritize eco-friendly products?
It offers a more environmentally conscious option by reducing reliance on disposable wipes.
Can a Portable Electric Washer for Baby be used as an alternative to traditional baby bathtubs?
While it serves a different purpose, it offers efficient cleaning during diaper changes or on-the-go situations.
How does a Portable Electric Washer for Baby address concerns regarding skin sensitivity?
It uses controlled water pressure and gentle streams to minimize any potential irritation on sensitive baby skin.
Can a Portable Electric Washer for Baby be used without causing discomfort to infants?
Yes, it’s designed to provide gentle and controlled water streams suitable for baby care without discomfort.
Are Baby Wash products enriched with moisturizing ingredients to prevent dryness after bathing?
Yes, many formulations include moisturizers to keep baby’s skin soft and hydrated.
How does using Baby Wash contribute to establishing a calming bedtime routine for babies?
Incorporating it into a baby’s bedtime routine helps create a soothing and familiar ritual for relaxation.
Can Baby Wash products be used for babies with skin conditions or allergies?
Some varieties are specifically formulated for sensitive skin or allergies, providing a milder cleansing option.
How does Baby Wash maintain pH balance for a baby's delicate skin?
It is formulated to be pH-balanced, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt the natural pH of a baby’s skin.
Are Baby Wash products designed to rinse off easily without leaving any residue?
Yes, they are formulated for easy rinsing, leaving no unwanted residue after bathing.
Simplifying Baby Hygiene On-The-Go: Exploring Baby Travel Bidets

Ensuring cleanliness and comfort for your little one while traveling has been made easier with the innovation of Baby Travel Bidets. Also known as Portable Electric Washers for Babies or simply Baby Wash devices, these compact and portable tools offer a convenient solution for maintaining hygiene during travel. Let’s delve into the world of Baby Travel Bidets and their role in simplifying baby hygiene on-the-go.

Embracing the Baby Travel Bidet:

Baby Travel Bidets introduce a new level of convenience to maintaining baby hygiene outside of home environments. These portable devices are designed to provide a gentle and effective method for cleaning your baby after diaper changes or while on travel, ensuring comfort and cleanliness.

Benefits of a Portable Electric Washer for Baby:

  1. Convenient Hygiene Solution: Baby Travel Bidets offer a quick and hassle-free way to clean your baby without the need for wipes or additional accessories, especially while on the move.

  2. Gentle and Effective Cleaning: These devices provide a gentle stream of water that effectively cleanses without causing irritation, promoting better hygiene for babies.

  3. Compact and Portable: Their small size and lightweight design make them easy to carry in diaper bags or luggage, ensuring hygiene accessibility wherever you go.

Features of Baby Wash Devices:

  • Adjustable Water Pressure: Many Baby Travel Bidets offer adjustable water pressure settings to suit your baby’s comfort and cleaning needs.

  • Battery Operated: Some models are battery-powered, providing convenience in areas where access to power sources might be limited.

  • Easy to Use: They often feature simple operation buttons or triggers for quick and effortless cleaning.

Choosing the Best Portable Electric Washer for Baby:

Consider these factors when selecting a Baby Travel Bidet or Baby Wash device:

  1. Portability: Opt for a compact and lightweight design that is easy to carry and fits into your travel essentials.

  2. Adjustability: Look for devices with adjustable settings for water pressure to cater to your baby’s comfort.

  3. Ease of Cleaning: Choose a bidet with detachable components or easy-to-clean materials for convenient maintenance.


Baby Travel Bidets, also known as Portable Electric Washers for Babies or Baby Wash devices, provide an efficient and convenient solution for maintaining baby hygiene while on-the-go. These portable tools offer a gentle and effective way to ensure your baby stays clean and comfortable during travel or outdoor outings.

Simplify your travel hygiene routines with a Baby Travel Bidet today, ensuring a clean and comfortable experience for your little one wherever your adventures take you!


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