Clear instructions, very easy to make the prints. I managed on my own.

Cherish those first special moments with the newborn hand and footprint kit that captures their perfect little handprint, footprint, fingers and toes for life
Baby Safe. Guaranteed to give you the best result in capturing your baby’s little prints

Baby Hand and Footprint Kit | Newborn Keepsake Frame | Infant Memory Frame




Every baby handprint and footprint photo frame kit uses the finest, safest, most durable materials PLUS smoothest setting clay.

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Making Your Baby’s Keepsake is Fun & Easy!

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Step 1: Remove the clay from its packaging, and knead for 3 to 5 minutes until it is soft. Insert the soft clay into the large section of the frame, and use a mug to create a smooth and flat surface.

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Step 2: Press your baby’s hand and foot into the clay to make a hand and footprint. Applying a small amount of baby skin cream can help. Please allow 48 hours for the clay to fully dry.

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Step 3: Prepare two small pictures (7cm x 7cm) and stick the pictures on top of the frame using the double-sided tape included in the kit. Remove the film from the acrylic glass.



Smooth Clay Finish Guarantee: Don’t risk shattering your favorite memories. Baby Hand and Footprint Kit crafts every baby handprint and footprint photo from the finest, safest, most durable materials and smoothest setting clay – guaranteed to give you the smoothest result to capture your baby’s little prints, or your money back.


One day you’ll looks up and see a full-grown adult with a life of their own. Always remember what it felt like when their tiny fingers wrapped around your own by proudly displaying this hands and feet printing kit in a beloved place in your home.


The Best Baby Shower Gift! Give the baby registry gift that brings back the smiles, joy and happiness only newborn babies deliver – a newborn gift that helps her remember your thoughtfulness every time she sees it.
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What is included in a Baby Hand and Footprint Kit?
Typically, a Baby Hand and Footprint Kit contains non-toxic clay or ink pads and frames to capture and preserve the precious imprints of a baby’s hands and feet.
Are Baby Hand and Footprint Kits safe for newborns' delicate skin?
Yes, most kits use skin-safe, non-toxic materials suitable for a baby’s sensitive skin.
Can Baby Hand and Footprint Kits be used multiple times?
Some kits allow for multiple uses to ensure perfect imprints, while others are designed for a single impression.
How long does it take to create imprints with a Baby Hand and Footprint Kit?
The process usually takes a few minutes to capture the imprints, but drying and framing can take additional time.
Do Baby Hand and Footprint Kits come with instructions for creating the imprints?
Yes, most kits include detailed instructions for easy and precise imprint creation.
What makes a Newborn Keepsake Frame special?
A Newborn Keepsake Frame is designed to elegantly display and preserve a variety of newborn mementos, such as photos, handprints, footprints, and other cherished items.
Are Newborn Keepsake Frames suitable for gifting?
Absolutely, they make thoughtful gifts for baby showers, newborns, or parents to cherish special memories.
Can Newborn Keepsake Frames accommodate multiple photos or imprints?
Many frames offer space for multiple photos, alongside sections for handprints, footprints, or other memorabilia.
Do Newborn Keepsake Frames come with customizable elements?
Some frames offer customizable sections or engraving options to add a personal touch.
How do Newborn Keepsake Frames serve as lifelong treasures?
They provide a beautiful and lasting way to preserve and display precious memories as the child grows.
What sets an Infant Memory Frame apart?
An Infant Memory Frame is designed as a comprehensive memory-keeping solution, offering a space to capture various milestones and mementos in one frame.
Can Infant Memory Frames accommodate items other than photos and imprints?
Yes, they often include compartments or slots for items like hospital bracelets, locks of hair, or birth announcements.
Are Infant Memory Frames versatile in terms of display options?
Many frames offer options for wall mounting or tabletop display, providing flexibility for showcasing in various spaces.
How do Infant Memory Frames help in preserving a child's growth journey?
They serve as a timeline of important moments, allowing parents to reflect on the child’s growth and milestones.
Can Infant Memory Frames be personalized to suit specific themes or styles?
Some frames offer customization options, allowing personalization to match nursery décor or themes.
How long does it take for the imprints created with a Baby Hand and Footprint Kit to dry?
Drying times vary but generally range from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the type of clay or ink used.
Can Baby Hand and Footprint Kits capture imprints of older infants or toddlers?
Yes, some kits are suitable for capturing imprints of older infants or toddlers, although it may require more effort.
Do Baby Hand and Footprint Kits include additional tools for personalization?
Some kits may include tools for engraving names, dates, or adding other personal touches to the imprints.
Are Baby Hand and Footprint Kits suitable for creating keepsakes beyond hand and foot imprints?
Some kits offer versatility for creating imprints of baby’s palms, fingerprints, or even pet paws.
Can Baby Hand and Footprint Kits be framed alongside other mementos?
Absolutely, they can be framed alongside photos, baby’s first outfits, or other memorable items.
How many photos can a typical Newborn Keepsake Frame accommodate?
Many frames offer space for multiple photos, typically ranging from two to six or more, depending on the frame size.
Do Newborn Keepsake Frames include materials for imprint creation or are they solely for displaying?
They are primarily for displaying imprints or photos but can occasionally come with imprinting materials or ink pads.
Can Newborn Keepsake Frames be wall-mounted and placed on tabletops interchangeably?
Yes, most frames are designed for both wall mounting and tabletop display for versatile placement.
Are Newborn Keepsake Frames made from durable materials to last for years?
Quality frames are crafted from durable materials to ensure the preservation of memories for a long time.
How do Newborn Keepsake Frames serve as conversation starters or storytelling pieces?
They evoke nostalgia and serve as visual aids for parents to recount stories or milestones to family and friends.
Can Infant Memory Frames hold larger memorabilia, such as baby shoes or hospital blankets?
Some frames are designed with larger compartments or shadow boxes to hold such significant memorabilia.
Do Infant Memory Frames include UV-resistant glass or covers to protect contents?
Many frames feature UV-resistant covers to shield contents from discoloration due to sunlight exposure.
Can Infant Memory Frames be passed down as heirlooms or keepsakes?
Absolutely, they’re crafted as timeless keepsakes, designed to be cherished across generations.
How do Infant Memory Frames foster emotional connections and storytelling within families?
They become a focal point for sharing family stories and reminiscing about a child’s early years.
Are Infant Memory Frames a popular gift choice for baby showers or welcoming a new arrival?
Yes, they are thoughtful and sentimental gifts that celebrate the joy of welcoming a new baby into the family.
Cherishing Precious Moments: Creating Memories with Baby Hand and Footprint Kits

The arrival of a newborn brings forth a plethora of beautiful moments worth treasuring. Enter Baby Hand and Footprint Kits, the perfect avenue to capture and immortalize those tiny, adorable hands and feet. Also known as Newborn Keepsake Frames or Infant Memory Frames, these kits offer a heartfelt way to preserve these fleeting moments. Let’s explore how these kits serve as an everlasting tribute to your little one’s early days.

Embracing the Baby Hand and Footprint Kit:

Baby Hand and Footprint Kits provide a heartwarming opportunity for parents to create timeless keepsakes. These kits typically contain non-toxic clay or ink pads and frames, allowing you to capture those precious hand and foot impressions and preserve them in a beautiful display.

Benefits of a Newborn Keepsake Frame:

  1. Memorable Keepsakes: Baby Hand and Footprint Kits offer a way to create lasting memories by capturing the delicate details of a newborn’s hands and feet, preserving them in a beautiful frame.

  2. Sentimental Value: These kits hold immense sentimental value, serving as a tangible reminder of how small and precious your baby was during those early days.

  3. Personalized Touch: Many kits come with customization options, allowing you to add names, birth dates, or heartfelt messages, making the keepsake even more special.

Features of Baby Hand and Footprint Kits:

  • Quality Materials: Kits often include safe and easy-to-use materials such as non-toxic clay, ink pads, or other impression-taking tools for capturing those tiny prints accurately.

  • Variety in Frames: Available in various frame designs, from classic wooden frames to contemporary styles, enabling you to choose a display that complements your decor.

  • Ease of Creation: Simple and user-friendly instructions make it convenient for parents to create these memorable impressions, even with newborns.

Choosing the Right Baby Hand and Footprint Kit:

Consider these factors when selecting a Newborn Keepsake Frame or Infant Memory Frame:

  1. Type of Material: Decide between clay or ink-based kits based on your preference for capturing the hand and foot impressions.

  2. Frame Design: Choose a frame that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and fits well within the intended space for display.

  3. Personalization Options: Look for kits that offer customization options to add a personal touch to the keepsake.


Baby Hand and Footprint Kits, known as Newborn Keepsake Frames or Infant Memory Frames, offer a tangible way to immortalize the fleeting moments of a newborn’s tiny hands and feet. These heartwarming keepsakes hold immense sentimental value, preserving the essence of your baby’s early days.

Capture the essence of your little one’s innocence and cherish these moments forever with a Baby Hand and Footprint Kit today, creating timeless memories to treasure for a lifetime!


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